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July 20, 2013



2 ripe bananas

2 egg

¼ cup scraped coconut

3/4 cup sugar

¾ cup flour

¼ cup rice flour paste (grind raw rice after soaking it in hot water for 30 minutes)

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp vanilla essence

Oil for frying


      1.            Mash the banana with the sugar. Add the eggs. Mix well.

      2.            Add flour (white flour and rice flour), scraped coconut, baking powder, vanilla essence. Mix thoroughly.

      3.            Heat oil in a wok or pan.

      4.            Scoop a spoonful of the batter and gradually drop it into the hot oil.

      5.            Fry till it is golden brown.

      6.            Remove from oil and drain on self absorbent kitchen paper.

       7.           Serve hot or cold

Note: Traditionally people do not put rice flour when they make Dhonkeyo kaju, so  instead can use one cup flour (godhan fuh/maidha/white flour). 

I use rice flour because it adds a crunchy feel to the good old dhonkeyo kaju.

Can make about 25 dhonkeyo kaju pieces.


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